How do you access a Results slide possible score?

Aug 27, 2013

I see that a quiz question has a few default variables that get auto-generated when you add a Results slide:

 - Results.PassPercent

 - Results.PassPoints

 - Results.ScorePercent

 - Results.ScorePoints

But I can't find where you access a variable that shows me the total possible points for the Results slide. If I have two questions in the quiz, each worth 10 points, this value would be 20. Of the variables mentioned above, these are based on the passing % and the user's performance, neither of which represents the possible 20 points.

I suppose I'm expecting something like this:

 - Results.PossiblePoints

Is there some accessible variable that the results slide tallies up the point values you associated with each question's correct choice? Am I missing something obvious here?

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Scott L

Thanks for the tip, Ashley! I think you're right about this value not being accessible. I'm looking to display, for example on a modified Results slide, the # of max points that the quiz was worth. For example, there is a quiz that has 2 questions, each worth 10 points for a total of 20 points for the whole quiz. When you add a default Result slide (Graded Result Slide), it would show this when published:

Results (one of the default configurations)

  Your Score: 50% (10 points)

  Passing Score: 80% (16 points)

What I'm looking for is something that tells me the value of all questions' points summed up. For example:

  Your score: 10 points out of 20 points

It seems like a simple value to have access to; The "10" is a variable I can access, but the "20" isn't from what I can tell, and what you said above. I guess the inaccessible variables for quizzes are:

 - The total points of all questions assigned to a Result slide

 - The point value of each individual question

Paul Pickering

Hi Scott,

I'm trying to do something similar, and in my case, as the storyline I'm setting up is going to be a template, it's not always going to be known what the total possible score is, so I can't just set a text box. As it turns out, I'm going to be using the total possible score on a separate webpage, so I can do the calculation in there easily. However, if you have to do it in SL/QM, you might consider the following.

Create a new number variable, varTotalPossible.

The following triggers will be triggered when the timeline starts the results slide.

Trigger1: Assign varTotalPossible with the value in Results.PassPoints

Trigger2: Multiply varTotalPossible by 100.

Trigger3: Divide varTotalPossible by Results.PassPercent.

I hope this helps.

Jessie Webb


I'm hoping someone can help me.  The users choose a videos to watch then decide if what was presented was correct or not, scoring one point for the correct answer.  They return to the main slide to repeat for the next video for a total possible of 6 points.  I can't figure out how to set up the results slide based on the this possible score of 6 points.  They need 5 points to pass.  Can anyone help, please?


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