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Oct 01, 2018

Hi, Is it possible to insert a table into a lesson in Rise?

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Tyler Shirai-Rielly

What is this table feature? (see attached) Currently I cannot use it. When I click it, it treats it like a normal text block. This is a pretty critical and would-be extremely useful feature. When will this feature be usable?????

And please, do not just say its on the roadmap... lol

Ned Whiteley

I will concede that it is half there !!

When it was being tested the other day it was only visible if you had selected a text block and then went to the drop-down list in Edit mode (see Tyler's image above). That option is now no longer available, so I still think it is in test mode.

I also note that there isn't an edit button next to the table when you insert one. Although you can obviously click on each cell and enter details, I would expect there to be various items in an edit list on the left of the page including things such as Title, Column Headings and cell entries.

Ned Whiteley

Hi Wendy,

I just realised why I didn't see the extra editing options when I originally looked at the table format. If you swipe across the text when you select a cell, which is what I did, you end up with the standard text formatting box instead of the table formatting box:

A simple mistake, but worth knowing about in case you are trying to help someone out and they keep saying that they can't see the table formatting options. The same thing happens if you double click inside a cell, even if none of the text ends up being highlighted !

Alyssa Gomez

Hi, everyone!

You all beat me to it! You can now add tables to your Rise courses! Here’s how it works.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to use tables in your courses, be sure to check out this article.

And this isn’t the only cool feature we released today! Head over to our what’s new page for the full list!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. 😁

Anthony Goss

I love the fact that we can create tables now.  One point of concern is for mobile portrait view.  The text does not wrap properly in this view, especially when there are multiple columns.  Will this be addressed in a future update?  I am thinking there could be some kind of a visual cue to the learner to turn their device to landscape view when attempting to view a table on a mobile device.  There could also be a way to wrap the individual columns so that the table view on mobile portrait is responsive.  

Clinton Ruddle

Yeah I agree. Due to how bad it views on mobile, I won't be using this new feature. I'm surprised they have released it like this, when Rise is all about being mobile friendly. There are a few way they could make it more mobile friendly.

Here are two options. Adjust the browser on these pages to see how the tables respond.

Option 1:

Option 2:

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