Adding a notepad to a course

Oct 10, 2013

Hi All!

I am using Articulate 2013 and was wondering if it was possible to add a notepad to my course that each student could use as they follow the stages. I'm designing a module where students will have to take notes. They could rely on the old faithful (paper), but I though it would have been so much groovier (and neater) to add this feature to my course (possibly as a resource?).


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Sophie Acomat

Hi Both!

Thanks for the suggestions Natalia; I hadn't thought of the Google Doc idea! I could give that a try (but that means they would have to be connected though...).

Helen also suggested that (Helen correct me if I'm wrong) I attach an Essay Question to the module (in resources) for users to write their notes when they need to. The only thing is that if they click on 'submit', they cannot edit/add to the page.

I've tried that but, as the Essay tab opens on the whole page, it stops students from being able to write notes and do an activity at the same time :=(.

There must be a way!


Jedidiah Esposito

Hi Sophie!

I follow this blog (

This particular post shares a great way to add a note functionality to your courses. It does require a little javascripting, but if you follow the instructions and do a little reading on the blog he makes it pretty easy to follow.

Take a look at the 'notes' piece (upper right) I was able to add to a recent draft course, here:

Joe Dey

Hi Jedidiah

I am tinkering with your suggestion and have hit a problem in that when the appended notes reaches the bottom of the %allNotes% box instead of the scroll bar becoming visible the lines of notes shrinks to a point where it become unreadable the more notes that are added.

The properties are set to 'Do not autofit' and 'Wrap text'.  Is there something that I have missed.  I have used your javascript without amendment except for the modifications in the user.js file that you made available.

Best wishes


Joe Dey

Owen, thank you for pointing me to the fantastic thread.  I shall certainly be considering tinkering with it.  As for my issues here I must acknowledge having made some simple errors.  Having fiddled with it a little more I discovered the following errors:

1.  I had used a shape instead of a Text Box to insert my reference to the variable - solution was to use a text box.

2.  To get stop the text box automatically shrinking the text once the text box was full I included a scrolling box and placed the text box inside it.  The text box needed to be longer than the scrolling box, how long is an individual judgement call depending on your requirements.

That was it.  However I am wondering if anyone knows how to prevent the text box from shrinking the text size when the box is full and when a reference to a variable is used even when the properties is set to Do Not Shrink and Auto Wrap is on.

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