Adding additional scores to assessments

Jan 22, 2019

Is it possible to add a score to an assessment interaction (drag & drop) over and above the question score? EX: create a drag & drop with show one selection at a time prior to dropping. The learner receives a score for selecting the correct possible answer while declining to use an incorrect answer before receiving a score for the correct drop action. I want to provide a score for making a decision in addition to a score for the drop action. The learner must know what are possible and correct actions and which actions are incorrect. Think of this as a decision making activity. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

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Dave Goodman

Either way would work. The LMS needs to see the composite scores. As I think about this, the Results screen would need to be modified and the print out of the assessment would also need to be modified - this is becoming too much of an effort. If the scores were separated, things would be easier. There are some courses that have a "confidence" question associated with the learner's answers. This is a scored result for the learner that carries through to the Results screen (the confidence is a % score that is mapped against the assessment answer scores). Our intent is to add some decision making validity to a scored assessment - the learner needs to know the options or the correct process steps rather than just selecting from a list of presented correct/incorrect options. Thanks again for your assistance.

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