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Nicole Legault

Hi Amy, 

In terms of getting more characters, did you consider Articulate 360 at all? Because it comes with Content Library which gives you access to 1.5+ million assets including tons of high quality templates, TONS of characters (illustrated and photographic) and stock videos, imagery, icon sets, illustrations, etc. It's actually a HUGE value to have access to all those characters and items available to you as part of your subscription....  especially when you consider the price of having to purcahse your character sets, bundles or subscriptions elsewhere and what you get for that price. 

In terms of creating animated characters, Storyline let's you add entrance and exit animations, and also motion paths, to your characters, but you can't really animate in terms of creating a character say walking across  a screen or waving, that kind of thing.

If you are looking to do that, I would ask why and what is the value for the learner of having that type of animation?In some cases, there truly is a value and the budget for that.  Often we want to do stuff like that because it looks really slick and cool, but it's a lot of extra time (money!) to create something like this (especially when you consider having to purchase outside resources or characters) so is the return on invesment there? That's just something else to consider, if you're talking about more  complex animations, beyond what Storyline offers. 

Just my two cents :) Hope its helpful! 


Amy Conner

Thanks so much. We were advised to get Storyline3, and now we wished we had 360. Not sure my department wants to pay for an annual subscription. Will just have to use what we have for now.

Kindest Regards,

Amy Conner

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