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Charlie Strivens

Hi Mike what awesome help I love your numbered steps!! My only trouble is on my file which i uploaded it does not seem to recognise the circle as a shape so I don't have the format shape option. I have even copied and  pasted all my text and images onto a word document and then deleted the file and imported in again. That didn't work so I imported the demo and changed the pictures.......that worked for the first few but after that once again the circle is not recognised as a shape. 

Any help much appreciated :)

Mike Taylor

Hi Charlie! It looks like the shape is on the Slide Master. If you go to View » Slide Master you should be able to access that circle shape. Note that changing it on the Slide Master will change it everywhere that particular master slide is used.  Which may or may not be what you want? 

If you want to change the image but only on one particular slide, you might consider adding a circle to the slide that is the same size (and in the same location) as the one on the master and filling that with an image. 

Hope that makes sense? 

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