Adding sounds to button

Jul 28, 2020


I am attempting to add a simple sound to a button in my project so it clicks when pressed.

My slide looks like this:

  • 4 x buttons, each lightboxes to another slide.
  • 1 x exit button, which has a trigger to take you back to main menu.


Each of the 5 buttons makes the same sound. I understand that I have to import the sound 5 times.

For the 4 lightboxes, each button opens a new layer where a copy of the sound is played, and then lightboxes at the end of the (very short) timeline.

My issue is this: I have a copy of the sound on the base layer. Storyline cannot distinguish between the copies of the sound, even when renamed in Storyline, or renamed in My Documents before importing.

So when a copy of the sound is played in a layer and the lightbox opens, as soon as the layer and lightbox close, it tries to trigger a return to the main menu because it can't tell it was the copy of the sound that was played and not the one on the base layer.

The Media Library confirms that it thinks all copies of the sound are the same - even when they are imported under different names it only shows one file used multiple times in the Media Library. So unless I have a big workaround it is very hard to have multiple buttons, all making the same sound, but then taking you to separate locations. 

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