Cannot play media before hiding a layer

Aug 02, 2012

I have created a zoom button which activates a 'lightbox' layer. At the same time, it activates a 'Play media' trigger to play a sound when the lightbox layer opens. This part works fine. The sound plays and the layer shows.

Now, in the lightbox layer, I have a trigger to play a sound when the 'close' button is pressed, and a trigger to hide the layer when the 'close' button is pressed. However, the sound doesn't play.

I moved the 'Play media' trigger up in the list, so that it is above the 'Hide layer' trigger, but this does not work either.

Can anyone tell me why this doesn't work? Or what I can do as a workaround? Thanks.

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Krystie! On the "close" button on your slide layer, change the trigger that closes the layer. Rather than making the action happen "when the user clicks the close button," make it happen "When media completes" (and then of course select the sound effect file). So, the Hide Layer trigger will look something like the picture below. This way, the layer closes after your sound effect plays. Does that give you the effect you're looking for?

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