Getting audio to loop

I've created a trigger to get an audio element to loop. This is:

Action: Play media

Media: Sound 15

When: Media completes

Object: Sound15

When I click on the OK button to create the trigger, the waves on the sound element disappear and when I preview, the sound doesn't come. For some reason this trigger, to make the sound loop, kills the audio!

Can someone please help with this?

Thanks, Brian

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Brian,

I just did a quick test. I inserted an additional trigger on the timeline before the "when media completes trigger"

This new trigger says to play the media when the timeline starts on the slide.

You need that one first...otherwise SL figures the media hasn't completed yet, so it never starts the process! (computers and software are SO literal).

Please shout out with any questions.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Norma,

This conversation is a bit dated, so I'm not sure that the users would still be subscribed here or have the Storyline file to share.

It looks like Rebecca shared her steps above and we have an older tutorial here that may help as well.

Just let us know the details of what you're looking for :)