How to stop media playing within layer on Storyline

Jun 03, 2015

I have created a scene within Storyline where the second layer includes three lightbox options and have added audio to all parts.

When the second layer opens, the media starts all OK, and then if you click on the lightbox area, the lightbox area audio begins..perfect.  However, if you then close the lightbox down, the original media is continuing to on the second lightbox, it stops and the lightbox audio plays..close this, the original media continues to play.

I would like to think that my learners will listen to the whole audio before clicking on the lightbox, but if they don't, concerned that I can not find a way to stop the original media....does anyone have any ideas as I have tried everything that I can think of?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lisa! So if the learner clicks the lightbox before the audio is completed, you do not want the audio to complete at all? Have you considered adding a trigger to stop media if user clicks?

I'm not sure that I'm following completely, so please feel free to share your .story file (even just an example slide) and additional details if necessary.

Lisa Maxwell

Hi Leslie

Thank you for replying - Yes, I have considered and tried this but the trigger for user clicks means I have to put in an object which I don't really have one to choose apart from if I choose lightbox 1 perhaps...but what if user clicks lightbox 2 to start?  However, I have tried this option and it has stopped the media and then I get the media for the lightbox, but then I close this down and my media continues for main part.

I have also tried leaving trigger without an object assigned but this does not change anything.

Not sure how to share just the scene with you if this will help any more.

If I can't do it, then I will leave, but would just be good if I can sort out.



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