Audio triggers not working properly

I have a course where some slides have multiple audio tracks. I have set triggers to play and  stop media when the user clicks outside the target area. This seems to work intermittently. It seems that if I am playing one track and click outside the trigger area, the media stops but if I am in another area and click again, the media does not always stop. Any ideas? I have checked and rechecked the triggers.

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Pamela Thompson-Duke

Hi Ashley

Here is a sample file. Slide 1 - I have set up for the Next button to appear when the media completes. This works. Last slide - I have set up the same way but the button does not appear.

Slides 2 and 3 - these are where the audio runs over itself. Thanks for taking a look! I am trying to get this published by tomorrow and  I cannot figure this out.

Bruce Holliday


Had a look at slide 1 and the last slide (Next button). Could not see what variable Done was doing for you, so removed it.

Slide 1. Set initial state of Next to hidden (built in option)

Changed state to Normal on sound end

Slide two would take more time to diagnose.

Last Slide. Set initial state of Next  to hidden (built in option)

Changed state to Normal on sound end

Tina Arcamo

Hi. Stop Media does not work when using keyboard. So I set a trigger to stop media when user clicks outside of the button. It works when using the mouse. However, it doesn't when I am using the keyboard (for accessibility). I end up with several audio narrating all at the same time. How do I apply the Stop Media trigger if a keyboard is being used?