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Steve Flowers


"Nobody likes Flash. In 2011, this is an axiom.

For years, we tolerated Flash because it worked; it could do things that HTML either couldn’t do at all, couldn’t do well, or couldn’t be made to do easily."

Sorry, I can't get behind articles that begin like this... Misinformation and generalizations don't do the truth any justice.

Steve Flowers

Hmm... I like the idea of focusing more energy on tools to help developers meet HTML5 potential. Still not seeing what it's changing in the short term. This doesn't change much of anything for developers that see things rationally. 

The thing that gets me about all of this is the level of anxiety that surrounds the rise, fall, death, or whatever of a technology at the hands of or so that another technology can flourish. Seriously... We've been going through these throes for a year or more. The this tech vs. that tech hasn't changed much of anything except the momentum of tool developers. The jury is still out on tools that meet the promise of the HTML5 hype machine. 

I dig HTML5. I just think this drama-coaster is more than a little over the top. For me, it's not either / or. It's both.

Brent  Raper

The headline "Adobe to kill Flash" was a bit sensational but I suppose it may indeed mark the official decline of Flash. I went on vacation & missed my chance to beta test Storyline, but I'm glad Articulate has been proactive with HTML5. I wish they were a little more specific about when Studio will be HTML5 enabled. All I'm hearing is "Soon".  This may be a dumb question, but do you guys think Articulate will market Storyline as an alternative to Studio or will will they expect most developers to use them in tandem?  

Steve Flowers

Decline, yes. Death, no. We'll  still be using some Flash in the foreseeable future - I think many or most others will as well. I think folks will be surprised how different their HTML5 outputs behave (from any tool) - and bewildered when these outputs won't work at all in IE6 / 7 or simply work inconsistently on the newer desktop browsers when compared to how things work on their portable devices. 

As far as Storyline is concerned. I've seen official references indicating that Storyline is a completely separate product with completely different design patterns / development patterns. Based on the descriptions I've read, I think they will be complementary, but likely used for a little different purposes with different sets of features.

I believe I've read Studio will be making the transition to HTML5 support as well.

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