iPads, Handhelds, Mobile Devices And the Future of Flash

Dec 08, 2011


Given the total dominance of Apple's iPad in the industry, which only increases by the day and the most recent announcements from Adobe themselves (see links below) how can we, the users or Articulate hope to make our e-learning available to mobile device users. The demand to make e-learning available on the iPad will soon become a make or break decision for our clients. What are Articulate's plans?

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Steve Flowers

Take a look through the forums and other recent announcements. Couple of things:

1) A new product called Storyline will likely release soon. One of the many features of this tool is an iOS publish as well as an HTML5 publish in addition to the standard Flash publish. All indications are this tool will hit the market soon.

2) The next version of Publisher will have the same features according to recent statements and announcements.

Couple more minor quibbles 

  • I have yet to see data supporting the demand for corporate training content on these devices. The buzz is certainly up - misconception normally follows this kind of frenzy
  • Second, Flash isn't going away. Desktop systems will continue to support Flash media for the near future at least. 

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