Getting Articulate Courses to work on IPAD etc

Feb 11, 2014

Hi everyone,

I am currently producing a number of e-learning courses for a company using 

Articulate Presenter 09 to go on an external web-based LMS and as we all know 
it produces Flash/SWF content that does  show up on an IPAD and a number 

of android devices etc!!!

I know that there's an application called Storyline that exports to a format that can

be used / viewed on such mobile devices etc. 


There's 2 problems:-

1) The company that I am working with might NOT buy storyline as they have already bought Articulate 09 etc
and I am not sure about their budgets!!!!!

2)  Besides the e-learning that I have already produced this company has 25-30 courses built with the old version of articulate and that means creating the same number of storyline versions!!!!!


Is there any way around this?
For example a colleague of mine told me that one way to put Flash content on mobile  is to wrap it in an Adobe Air app. But that's when you put a single SWF file in such an app (I think!)  Is there a way to put an entire SCORM-BASED package produced with Articulate 09 in an adobe Air app and get it working OK (with all the tracking functionality on an LMS) or is this just a pipe dream and I've got to get these guys to buy storyline?

Thanks in advance!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Keith! 

I can't speak to your work-around requests as this is not something that Articulate would support, but I noticed that you did not mention Studio '13.

If you have access to another computer, perhaps you would be interested in downloading the trial version of Studio '13, which would allow you to update your course as opposed to having to re-build in Storyline.

You can find more details about Studio '13 as well as a trial download here.

Here are some things to be aware of if you're thinking about upgrading.

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