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Apr 14, 2011

I have been testing out uploading an Articulate LMS file to Adobe Connect, all of the content loads properly, you can go through the course and after passing the end-of-course quiz it gives you credit for taking the course.  

Here are the problems.  Adobe Connect doesn't keep any of the user content, it only shows a report of when the user passed the course.  We have the following within the course that need to be recorded:

- Course Feedback (we are testing out the course)

- User Participation Evaluation 

- User's answers to the Quiz 

Of course Adobe Connect recommends using Adobe Presenter to publish the courses (which we have). But I was wondering if anyone has had this problem and/or how to work around it?

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Dominick Bautz


I hope all is well.

By any chance, did you ever find a solution with this issue?

I am using Adobe Connect and Articulate Studio 2009 and am experiencing a similar challenge. 

I developed a course in Articulate Presenter, published it to Adobe Connect and the course works as expected.  When I view the reporting data in Adobe Connect, it does provide information such as course completion, the day and time it was taken, number of attempts, version taken, etc.  However, it doesn’t accurately provide how long it takes the trainee to complete the course. For example, Adobe Connect begins to record the time taken but stops tracking it between 9 – 18 seconds.

Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. 

FYI - At lease Adobe is consistent about one thing…When I called them about this issue, they recommended I use Adobe Presenter as well.

Best regards,


Jeff Sale

Hey Dominick,

Short answer no, we decided to accept the shortfalls of using Articulate with Adobe though.  One thing you might try is publishing with Adobe Presenter and inserting your Engage/Quizmaker Quiz's as flash objects, I just thought of that so it might be a fail but worth a shot.  The recommendation we were given was to use Adobe Presenter Quiz's published outside of Articulate, just linking to them in the course.  This was because we wanted to see which questions the user got correct/wrong.  I have no advice to you in regards to your time tracking question though, sorry about that. I hope this helps some.


Jeff Sale

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