Adobe Presenter 7 (publish trouble)

Hello everyone!

I have tried everything that I know to solve issue below, actually and at the moment I’m almost despaired...

However, the matter is that I am trying to publish a presentation to my Desktop (I have tried other folders and received the same error message).

"Adobe Presenter is unable to publish this presentation. Please check that there is enough disk space and you have the appropriate permissions for the destination folder."

I have over 200 GB of free hard drive space, Office 2007 and Adobe Presenter: Version 7.0.6. It happens with only one presentation. Maybe cause first time I have published it was with Trial product version.

What have I done to solve the issue, is:

1) I have tried to publish this presentation from USB flash drive

2) Created a new user profile

Please, try to help me, coz i just don't want to recreate the presentation

Thank you in advance

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Adam Truckenmiller

Hi Artem,

Are the files that you are publishing located on your computer's harddrive or on a shared drive? You may want to try moving them to the computer's harddrive if that is not where they are located.

Also on a while back when I used to work with Photoshop and Illustrator alot when saving files as a JPG or another format I would receive that error message about disk space even thought I had plenty. Don't know why but if I did a disk cleanup, disk refragment and then restarted my computer everything would be fine again. Othertimes just restarting the computer would be suffice in order to save the image.