Advice on how to Use Articulate 360 apps the best way for building a complex course with exsting content in Word

Aug 14, 2020


I'm relatively new here and I'll get right to the point.

I am trying to build a complex training course with about 140 modules that are split into six phases. Learners need to complete Phase 1 to move to Phase 2, Phase 2 to Phase 3, etc, until they finish (pass) all the phases and graduate.

These phases have 20-30 lessons on average, with most lessons having quizzes at the end. Quizzes are designed such that learners need to pass them to get to the new lesson. The entire course will be hosted on an LMS and I'm planning to use Moodle. Some lessons will have tests where the learner downloads assignments, works on them, and uploads them back for review by the trainer. Most of the lessons will have text supplemented with the occasional video and voice-over.

The content for the lessons and quizzes have all been drafted and are currently in Word or PDF format.  I'm confused about using Rise 360, Storyline 360, or Articulate Presenter or using a mix of both. What should I do to generate my course as fast as I possibly can?

Considering that the content is already made in Word should I use Rise 360 for the text and use Quizmaker for the quizzes? Or should I use Storyline 360 or Presenter? The latter two involve converting Word documents into PPTs. Most of the content is not conducive to that.

Thanks in advance!


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Trina Rimmer

Hi Tejas. The quickest way to create a course is Rise 360 since you can simply cut and paste text from your existing Word docs. You can also create quizzes in Rise 360 and include them in the course lesson content or create a standalone quiz that can be tracked/reported on Moodle.

If you have courses that require a great deal of custom interactivity, I'd recommend using Storyline 360 for those as you'll have a lot more authoring flexibility, but the courses will take a little longer to create. You can also use Storyline to create courses that include quizzes or to create standalone quizzes. 

If your content is already in PowerPoint and you don't need it to be highly interactive, then Studio 360 (Presenter & Quizmaker) is your best bet for rapidly authoring courses.

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