Stereo audio in Storyline

Jul 26, 2022

Hi e-learning heroes, I am working on an audio-related course that needs to show some audio samples to show learners how to represent stereo scenarios. But seems Storyline compresses stereo audio into mono when previewing or output.

Please visit this link for example

You can find especially in the Out of Phase sample, it's no sound due to the inverted phases will cancel each other when compressed into mono.

Any idea about this? Is it possible to just keep all imported audio as stereo? 

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Maggie Lee

Hi Jürgen, thanks for your reply! I also found an old post saying the same method and tried it.

However, for the "out-of-phase" audio, it will be compressed directly once imported by "INSERT>AUDIO>Audio from File", set as "none compression" is not working. If I import the audio via trigger - import the audio file from the Trigger Wizard, then the "nono compression" function is working. I can't tell what the difference is, but my problem is solved now.

Thanks again!