Captured / imported video loses audio at publish RESOLVED mono aud

Jan 20, 2014

I had this strange issue with video with a mono audio track split into stereo, luckely due to the help of the video editor it is resolved.

I imported these video files and when I published the file the sound was gone.

Then I tried capturing the video, same thing, the audio was lost on publish.

Then I tried it in Replay, same thing.

The resolution was this:

"I downloaded Storyline & troubleshooted the problem.  It had to do with the way the audio was recorded, as it was a mono source that was then split into a stereo track.  I had to separate the tracks into mono, duplicate it, then pan each mono track left & right.  I’m still not sure why Storyline is the only program that has this problem, but either way it works now!

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