Inconsistent Audio When Publishing SL360 Course to Video

Jan 31, 2019

Hi Folks-

I'm converting a course to video. The course has three scenes, and I'm publishing each scene individually so there are three videos. Video and audio quality are set to Very High, and I publish each scene with the same settings. I'm encountering two issues:

  • The audio levels in the videos don't necessarily match those in the course.
  • Sometimes the audio track of the published video is mono, sometimes it's stereo.

The audio in each scene is mono (SL doesn't do stereo, sadly). All of the audio in the course is consistent at a particular level (as measured with a LUFS loudness meter). Yet in the video output sometimes the audio level is lower than it is in the course. And why I'm getting mono and stereo output arbitrarily is a mystery.

Anyone else encountered this? Any advice is appreciated.


Dan Epstein

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Dan.  Thanks for nailing down those details.  I can see that audio work is a big part of your course development, so I want us to better understand what's happening.

I've shared this information with our support engineers.  If you can share your original .story file and a video output file using the upload link in the confirmation email I sent you, that'll be helpful!  We'll delete it when we're done troubleshooting. 

Dan Epstein


Yes, audio is a big part of my development. In addition to developing e-learning, I do VO, and I produce feature stories for public radio and podcasts. In this course, I used audio-based stories because call center reps are the target audience, so presenting stories and scenarios through sound is, for me, a natural approach. And let me flog my feature request for SL to handle stereo audio!

I've uploaded just the .story file. The Lesson 1 scene audio was mono in the published video, with a LUFS reading hovering around -21, -22. The Lessons 2 and 3 scene audio was stereo and was reading no higher than -24 LUFS. I'd like to see if the results are the same when you publish.



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