Advice on tracking users

My client is a small not-for-profit who has a workshop which may get as many as 100 participants in a course through a year. We've waffled over whether or not to pursue an LMS (partially b/c everything was just too big and costly or too open-source and they only have 2 staff, so no one to really manage it in an ongoing way).

Ideally, they'd like to automate when someone completes a module and at the end of the whole program to get a survey on usefulness of the course (and we'll send them a follow-up 90 days after). 

We're approaching tracking in two ways:

1. for end of course survey, we'll use a web object with survey monkey link

2. for the "how many completed it", I was considering creating a survey with quizmaker and then emailing the results.

Does anyone have any suggestions that I haven't thought of to kind of work around this?

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Holly MacDonald

Hi Simon - thanks for that, I did actually sign up for scorm cloud to check it out but honestly felt a bit overwhelmed by it. They want the courses to "live" on their secure site, can we still use scorm cloud in that way (sort of as a background tracker)? The critical factor was not wanting another system to manage (they have web presence, a separate private online community, and only 2 staff). I didn't want to set them up with something that would be too much work. Money was one factor, but the bigger one was finding something that didn't offer 85 000 features (of which they only wanted a handful). 

If you've worked with scorm cloud, I'd love to know more about using it (even if these guys don't go in that direction).