Nov 19, 2014

anybody have any luck with buyers of online courses that sell to the colleges continuing ed departments?

I am not talking about open sesame nor udemy.

does anybody have such a list they are willing to share?

also, does anybody know the state of affairs for elementary school boards purchasing elearning courses that are not created on their system such as blackboard?

Any help would be truly appreciated..and I fully understand if you don't wish to share the information.


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Julie Stelter

Hi Roma,

Here's what I know...K-12 school districts will have their own teachers develop courses for Blackboard but probably more often a Moodle environment. If they purchase eLearning courses they will do so through a publisher. So if you are looking for work, I would contact K-12 publishers to see if they are hiring or contracting.

I went to DevLearn and was very surprised to meet so many in-house content developers that worked for universities. I was told this was the typical model. An internal staff helps professors develop their content in an online environment. Here again the content is being driven by the instructor and university policy not outside sources.

I would love to chat with you Roma. please give me a call at 262-385-494 or email me at

Cheers, Julie

p.s. I miss the PM when I have to add extra noise to my posts :(

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