Format for requesting tenders for eLearning courses

Aug 08, 2018

A public sector company requires to calling tenders for eLearning courses. They are looking for general courses, scenario based courses, quizzes, games, etc. However need to generalize information on the tender request with different criteria (pricing variables) and relevant parameters (e.g.: complexity, number of branches in a scenario etc). The courses will be categorized in different levels based on the above criteria and parameters.

Does anyone have an idea on what parameters and criteria should be considered with this regard or how to post such a tender?

Or if you have any experience with submitting proposals to such tenders, could you advice please?

If there are any article/ document/ blog on requesting tenders for eLearning courses that I can refer, can you please share with me.

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Nancy Woinoski

Sorry but your question is not clear. Do you want to put out a tender or do you want to respond to one.

I am guessing that you want to respond to one, so will answer based on that assumption. From what you have said, it looks like the public sector company is looking for a vendor to supply them with a series of softskills training courses that have already been developed and are available for sale or licensing. If you don’t have such couses then there is no point in responding to the tender. if you do have such cources, then you should be able to answer their questions about pricing and structure. The key to responding is to answer the questions in the same order that they presented them in the tender and to try and use the same terminology they are using to make sure it is easy for them to understand your offering.

If I have misunderstood your question then  I apologize.

Thilina Fernando

Hi Nancy,

Thanking you for your reply.

To clarify further I just want to set the pricing for few eLearning modules for a client who is in the public sector. For the quotation process I need to justify my pricing with the relevant criteria with applicable parameters. For example if the criteria is voice enabled, then as the parameter I can use length of the voice clips & consider that aspect into pricing & charge on per minute basis for voicing. As this, there can be various criteria & parameters which need to be considered. 

Eg : Interactivity, complexity, etc....

As a new service provider I am having some difficulties in deciding those & set the price for quotations.

Appreciate if anyone can guide me on this.

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