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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Thilina,

Thanks for reaching out about your posts in the E-Learning Heroes community! It appears that they were flagged as part of our spam filtering. That's why they were grayed-out or not visible to others in the community. 

Our team monitors flagged posts for false positives and releases them to the community as soon as possible. 

Your posts are now live at https://community.articulate.com

My apologies again for the inconvenience, and you shouldn't run into this issue again.

R Rothrock

I too have a "flagged" post. There really isn't anything that makes it obvious that my post is flagged and/or what will happen after that. Seems that it would be nice to include a box on the page that says something like "This has been flagged for review. Our team reviews and clears posts Mon-Friday...etc.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi R,

Sorry about that! Posts are flagged as potential spam and letting a spammer know that it's flagged may also help them further look at ways to infiltrate the ELH pages. We've got a few other things that happen behind the scenes, but if you're ever concerned the post hasn't been seen feel free to reach out in this discussion or message our Support Team here. We're happy to look and make sure you get an answer!