Posts Getting Automatically Flagged

Hi @Articulate, 

I've noticed some of my posts are getting automatically flagged when I add a comment to them on my desktop. I've also seen other threads where is mentioned that the posts get flag, marked as potential spam and you guys have to clear them.  Apparently, this is due to some spam attacks on the site.  Would it help to have a reCAPTCHA function for flagging?   I'm sorry but, my troubleshooting mind is going crazy on this ;  )

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Sorry Najam - sometimes your first post gets flagged for a moderator to review and ensure it's not spam or something else potentially unwarranted in the forums. We check these throughout the day so it should be unflagged now for the community to take a look at. Also, if you post too quickly in a number of forum discussions those will also be flagged for review based on assuming rapid fire posts are a lot of spam. :) 

Not to worry - we monitor these and take care of them regularly! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lizzie,

We've put in some new spam monitoring features and when that happens, legitimate posts can be flagged as spam. Not to worry - a real person checks and monitors this throughout the day Mon-Fri and our team who covers weekend Support will also check it once or twice so that real posts can get through.

Your post in the Building Better Courses side of the forums has been unflagged and it's all set! 

Jennifer Dixey

I just experienced this too. Something that your engineers may want to take note of is that I initially missed the recaptcha, then got the error message saying I had to check the recaptcha, which I did, then i submitted my discussion post. I think it may have been flagged because of missing the recaptcha, and then the flag wasn't un-set when I did check the recaptcha. Make sense?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks. We have a number of different spam filtering measures in place, and our team also checks them throughout each day to catch any false positives so even if  you've been flagged it hopefully won't be for long! 

If you ever get caught and think it's still flagged please feel free to email and we'll get you fixed up.