Resize rectangle with slider

Aug 29, 2016

I've just started using SL2 and I'm loving it. I like the idea of showing a cause and effect relation using slider and it was done brilliantly by David Fair and shown here in the first video as "Employee Health". However, I've downloaded the practice files and this specific animation is not in the file. So, I thought I ask it here.

What I'm trying to do is to resize a rectangle using a slider. I tried to create some states (only changing height value) and it changes based on the value of slider but they are not "animating" just like in the video in the link. If it would have been a circle, a grow animation would be an appropriate choice but in case of rectangle, it doesn't really produce the effect.

Another approach is to create many height states and have equal steps in the slider and then have trigger for each, but it's too much work and still would appear as static changes not something similar to a motion tween.

Any ideas how can I achieve this?

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