Storyline 360: bug when editing lines in State Editor

When in State editor, I want to add a Line shape as an element inside of the state of a Rectangle.

When I adjust the Y position value of the line, its height changes to 56px. When I modify its length, it also resets to 56. I know states have always been buggy, but this is kind of ridiculously buggy.


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Becca Levan

Thanks for reaching out, Alex!

I appreciate the screen recording you shared, and I'm not seeing the same behavior in a sample I created.

I'm running Storyline 360: Build  3.54.25674.0.

I'm staying tuned for your response so we can keep at this!

Ben McKenna

Just wanted to pop in and share my findings (because I've experienced this too). The problem isn't exclusive to states, it happens any time you copy/paste a straight, horizontal line.

Steps to recreate:

  1. Draw a straight horizontal line
  2. Copy/paste the line
  3. Immediately adjust the size/position of the line (either using arrow keys or size/position dialog)
  4. Line immediately goes slanted

Note: If you CLICK the pasted line before trying to modify its size/position, then it WON'T break. But it's a pain having to remember to do this.