AICC Publishing Question

Hi Folks,

I have two questions with regards to publishing to LMS... 

First, I have experimented with publishing in both formats (AICC and SCORM).  In order for us to upload to the LMS we are using, I will need to zip the published files (This is per the instructions provided by our LMS vendor).  I have done so in both formats, and, when I go to launch the programs from the zipped files from outside of the LMS (strictly to test the zip file...I will be uploading into the LMS later today for purposes of testing) I get nothing...the programs don't launch.  Will this be different once they are uploaded into the LMS or is this indicative of a problem associate with the zipped file?  In other words, have I done something wrong in terms of the 'zip' process?

My second questions involves attachments.  When I publish in SCORM format and launch the program (not using the zipped file...instead, using the original published version) the attachments appear and open.  In AICC they don't appear at all?  Am I doing something wrong?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!



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Robert Kennedy

Not sure what you mean by launching the zip file outside the LMS.  What is inside the zip file is the SCORM/AICC package folders that are simply extracted to their proper places in once inside the LMS.  Outside of the LMS, you need to extract the files from the zip file and then click the player.html file just as you would with the web version.

As far as attachments, not sure why they would not appear in AICC.  Have you tried this on multiple computers and received the same behavior?

Hopefully, I am understanding your issue here.


Meg Bertapelle

we use AICC with our LMS, and we never actually attach anything - we link to a URL on the web.  If you can do that, I'll bet you can get it to work either with SCORM or AICC - AND, if you have to update those documents, you can overwrite the doc on the webserver, and never need to update your course