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Apr 30, 2016

My management is looking to add animated avatars to our elearning courses. I am just starting research; so far I know of two products that exist to create video files that can be inserted into Storyline 2. I am looking at Codebaby and Alteregos. Does anyone have knowledge/experience with these or suggetions for other providers? Thanks!

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Donna   Gingera


We have used CodeBaby to create animated avatars for our elearning modules.
Probably the best solution on the market. We have used it since its original
release over 10 years ago and have witnessed all the improvements. The
program was originally developed by BioWare - who are known for being one of
the leaders in electronic games. The founders of CodeBaby are actually
medical doctors - so their attention to detail of human form and function is

Simple to use - easy to learn. I don't know how the prices compare, but we
haven't regretted the purchase.

Donna Gingera

Principal, Hour-Zero School Emergency Program

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