Animated avatars

May 17, 2021

Dear Articulate Team,

I would like to add animated avatars (Carmen and Dennis) to my e-learning course and am looking for a simple way to implement them. The avatars should look like they are talking and interacting with each other. I have already found some methods on YouTube, but they are quite complicated. Therefore, I would like to ask you if you know of a simpler way to animate the avatars in Articulate Storyline 360.

Kind regards and stay healthy

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Sarah Hodge

Hi Mira and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! 🙂 One way to animate characters in Storyline is to use states. Here's a video (with a free source file in the description) that walks through how to do that. Another way to achieve the same concept is to insert different poses and move them around on the timeline. Hope that helps!