Animated menu

Came up with this idea for animating a menu, and having an animated title bar throughout. 

One of the issues i've had with SL is that i cant have an object move in the middle of a time line. It has to be either moving in, or moving out. So i came up with this as a work around. 

The example isnt the fanciest, however if your interested in how to apply the technique if not the artwork :P the .story is attached. 


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Crystal Horn

Hi David!  That is an awesome example!  Love the gears.

I had a thought-  the text box seemed to be blocking Oval 17 from being entirely clickable.  So the user has to click just above or below the text box for the trigger to bring them to the next slide.  You could create a circular hotspot over the entire area of the gear for Section 1 and attach the trigger on the hotspot to advance.  That way the entire inner area of the gear is clickable!

Really nice work.  :)