annual review of policies

I am looking for ideas on how to design a course to cover our annual compliance course that is a review of all policies. Currently, folks read a 150 page document and take a quiz  with 30 - 80 questions depending on your role. Not very engaging, not interesting, and probably not effective but allows the compliance team to say you were "trained." I'm looking for ideas on ways to make it less arduous for our employees. 


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Rick Sell

Well, 150 pages is...daunting. But, I did some compliance work in the medical arena.

After a page or two explaining the course, the contents page used a visual metaphor for the course topics; on the wall in the hallway to the office cafeteria were some 2 X 3 framed chalkboards used to recognize people and their achievements. Everyone knew that group of frames. I used images of frames on a background of the hallway wall color, and using different fonts, inserted titles for small scenarios, or "situations." Each was a topic presenting a situation an employee might find themselves in, such as a coworker chatting about confidential stuff in a coffeeshop, or a representative offering "consideration" to entice a buyer.

The learner clicked a frame and a page displayed with a background image related to the topic, such as a line of folks in a coffeeshop, and the situation. "You and Sally are in line at the coffeeshop. She starts discussing a client's case rather loudly. What do you do?" They have 4 or 5 selections to choose. Each choice has a response with a sentence or two explanation. The last page of the situation details the policy and links to its place in the policy guidelines.

The client seemed to like it.