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Matthew Bibby

I'd like to see this kind of functionality built into Storyline, although I'm not sure how it would work exactly...

[Edit: Just realized I've dug up a rather old thread and that Rapid Intake is now part of Litmos. It looks like a good tool, but I dislike the lack of transparency regarding pricing.]

onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

Hello All,

I am one of the Co-Founders of ReviewMyElearning.com and I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. We tried to design it to meet the needs of various eLearning team types (one person shops to big corp). Let me know if you have any feature requests. 

@Kim sorry about the font issue. If  you will submit a ticket on that with a link to the course we'll track down the cause. 



Kim Hannan

Thanks, James! I'll try to grab some screenshots to send to you the next time we encounter it. We found one this week, but it was actually a Storyline issue where a font showed in preview mode, but not when published, so it wasn't in the review tool.

FYI to everyone else, seriously, you need ReviewMyeLearning.com. It's affordable and so easy to use. It has made a huge difference for my company and saved us tons of time and money. We no longer have to gather everyone in a room to review courses slide-by-slide. (I'd rather sit in a room with someone scratching a chalkboard for an hour!)

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jennifer,

It looks like your post got flagged here as potential spam, and Matthew is correct in terms of how we try to keep the forums clear of promotion and selling per our ELH community guidelines here. As you'll see there are some previous posts above that were removed by a moderator. So as to keep the confusion to a minimum here with the additional replies, I'll let the first post stay on this thread - but please keep in that in mind for future posts. 


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jennifer,

I certainly understand, we love the excitement! Just always want to make sure it's not a "sales" board for tools but instead focused on the community sharing ideas, solutions, best practices, etc. As I mentioned, I think this thread is confusing without leaving it there - so it'll stay up here. 

Bhavya Aggarwal

I am the co-founder at zipBoard (www.zipboard.co/eLearning). A review + bug tracking tool for SCORM content created using any of the authoring tools like storyline. Since this discussion is about the review tools, wanted to get feedback from the community as to what they think. 

Erich Renken

I happened across this thread and I'll just chime in and say that Zipboard has been a great tool for me and our team. It's an easy way to collect course feedback from internal/external users and we even give our commercial clients access to it, so that they can mark up the customizations to our courses that they want to see. Bhavya and her team are really stellar and the tool keeps getting better.

Erich Renken

Zipboard accepts SCORM zip files, so I, as the developer, upload those to Zipboard. Once that's loaded, I invite reviewers to review the product. They go through the course like a normal user would and Zipboard provides a camera icon in the browser. If the reviewer notices a problem, they click the camera icon which takes a screen shot. The reviewer can then draw on the screen cap highlighting the problematic area and enter text about the nature of the issue.

This builds a set of tasks for me, as the developer, to address. Each recorded bug is stored in the database and I go through and set them to resolved as I fix them. It's really helped to organize our review process.

Regarding the layers question, the reviewers are only seeing the course as the published version renders, so they're not necessarily addressing issues at the layer level. They're just calling out issues that occur in the published course.

Let me know if you have any other questions about Zipboard. I waited a long time for a tool like this to help with the course review process and I'm happy to answer any questions.