Any help with a "dropbox" like solution for an LMS/Storyline?

We are in the process of selecting an LMS, and one requirement is the ability for learners to upload a file into some "dropbox" like feature/tool. Some LMS providers have them built in, but our preferred vendor does not and recommends connecting to Google Drive. We have some security concerns and am curious if anyone has suggestions for a secure tool to connect using API, etc. to receive incoming documentation.

We're using Storyline as our content authoring.

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Caroline Lawless

Hi Tim,

I work for LearnUpon, an affordable and easy to use cloud based LMS.

LearnUpon allows learners to upload assignments in a wide range of formats (Word document, Powerpoint, PDF, video, audio etc.). For an overview of how this feature works take a look at the following link: 

We also have a two way API if you'd prefer your learners to use an external tool to upload files to LearnUpon.

If you have any further questions please send them my way. In the meantime you may be interested in our free 30 day trial:


Kate Salvan

I suggest you looking at JoomlaLMS. The Learning Management System has a dropbox tool that can be used as an individual file repository with a possibility to share files with other users.more information can be found at JoomlaLMS tutorial