Any portfolio-type sites for freelancers?

Nov 30, 2013

I was wondering if there was a site similar to Behance where freelancers can post examples of their e-learning projects?

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Nick n/a


I was wondering if such a site wasn't available for e-learning developers. A place freelancers go and post examples of their work to be viewed by other developers and potential clients.

Hi Jeff,

My answer would be the E-Learning Heroes forum.

At least it would be the most widely known I feel. You should check with some of the other freelancers here to see their perspective.


Nick n/a

Jeff Fuqua said:

Thanks but I'm talking about sites where multiple freelancers post examples of their work for potential clients to review.

Something like or

Hi Jeff,

Do you think that a website like would be comparable to the graphic design freelance sites you suggested before?

(In the situation if you wanted to find a graphic designer or artist for contract work.)

I'd be interested to know if you've used and before in your profession


Jeff Fuqua

Not Fiverr. It doesn't seem to be very industry specific (from what I can tell).

I haven't used dribbble but know of a few who have. I also have not personally used illustrationweb but know quite a few who show their work on the Behance-driven portfolio on the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) site, where members can post examples of their work and potential clients can search.

Sarah Hodge

Hi Emily! Thanks for sharing what you use. I wanted to also add that we have since redesigned the E-Learning Heroes profile pages so community members can now showcase the amazing e-learning materials they created all in one place. Here's an article that shows how to set that up and get the most out of your E-Learning Heroes user profile. 

You can also check out how the community members have been using the member profiles to showcase their e-learning work.