Any research for Onscreen Visual Assessment meter/slider?

May 24, 2018

One of our projects is to design a visual "meter" that will display the learner's confidence level and assessment scores throughout the training. I was wondering if anyone came across research to determine the positive and negative impacts on the learner always seeing their scores? I know we can hide the meter and allow the learner to recall when needed but having some research would be valuable. We did something similar for a medical course where scoring moved into the green (patient was still alive) or into the red (patient should start saying their goodbyes) as assessments/interactions were completed. We are aware of the gaming sites that have a good track record of this data but not sure if learning and gaming are similar in these affects. Thanks.

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Tom Kuhlmann

As you mentioned, I'd probably lean on what gaming experts have researched. Essentially it's a case of motivation and how well that info motivates.

For example, when I'm on my Peloton I can see an immediate correlation between my effort and the metrics. If the metrics were static, they'd be less interesting to me. I'd assume a positive correlation between the scores combined with some sort of constant movement on them.

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