Any SharePoint Guru's Here?

Nov 15, 2012

I've downloded the StoryLine trial version and put together a quick proof of concept for a project wiki / FAQs site. Easy to do - Loving the software so far.

Now comes the challenge. How do I post it on a SharePoint site?  I believe it is SharePoint 2010.

Can I create a page in sharepoint that when users open it, it loads the published html page from StoryLine? Anyone know how to do this?

Thanks in advance - this just might get me the approval I need to buy a license (or 2).

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Graham North


As Bethre suggests the first thing you need to do is upoload the published Storyline files to a SharePoint library.  One where your intended viewers have at leart read access permissions. Just create a folder in the library and upload the published Story line output as is from your drive.  (One thing to note is that by default there is a 100 file limit on the upload multiple documents so you may need to do it in chunks, unless you can use the Explorer view on the library).

To display your storyline file. 

  1. Open the Storyline using the story.html (or other start html file) from the copy you've just uploaded to the library.  Copy the address from the brwser address bar you'll need it later.
  2. Go to the site where the Storyline will appear and either create a new page to display it, or edit the page if your adding it to an existing page.
  3. Add a Page Viewer Web part.
  4. Open the Web Part opens (Edit Web Part).
  5. Change the first option to file.
  6. Paste the address from step 1 in the Link box, and remove the Http: from the begining.
  7. In the appearance section set the title if necessary but make sure you add your project dimensions to the Height and Width to display your project to it's best.
  8. Apply the changes to see your project and adjust if necessary.  Finish with the OK button.

That's the minimum configuration requirements you may want to do more.

Hope this helps

Michael Dempsey

Hi, everyone.

Following Graham's advice above, I've embedded a story.html file on a SharePoint 2007 site. Thanks much for that, Graham.

Now my challenge: I've got hyperlinks to other SharePoint pages in my SL file (using the "jump to URL/file" trigger). I want these pages to display in the same browser window/tab in which my SL file is embedded. What's happening, however, is that the new pages are loading only into the *web part* containing my story.html. I need them to replace the entire page in which my SL web part sits.

I suspect that there is something I can add to the URL in my trigger to pull this off. But I'm not sure.

Any SharePoint or SL gurus have any advice?

Thanks very much!

Michael Dempsey

FYI, I found a workaround to my problem. (Just do not call up entire pages. Call up, instead, other SL story.html files with the same dimensions as my original file.)

Still, I'm curious to know if it's possible to jump to a URL in the current browser window from a Page Viewer web part. In AS2.0 I'd reference "_parent", but am not sure what does the trick in HTML.

If anyone knows the answer, I'll be forever grateful.


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