Any Tips for Re-Purposing Webinar Content

Sep 15, 2016

Hi Fellow E-Learning Heroes,

I'm working on re-purposing several webinars into e-Learning courses. So far I've done the following:

* Created a course intro and completion landing pages
* Introduced the speakers
* Created a branching menu slide so that learners can opt to view the entire webinar recording or just select 1-5 different topics/portions of the webinar  that interests them. I edited the webinar recording parsed it into  those different sections.

While I recognize that this isn't going to be the most interactive set of courses I build, the webinars do have great content that I would like to leverage. I would like to do more than place the webinar recording in my LMS.

Do you have any suggestions for adding content to increase the interactivity with the re-purposed webinar material?

Thanks in advance!


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Amit Sarkar

Hi Lila!

If I were you, I'd treat the narration of the recording as the voice -over, and create an eLearning module the way we usually do - with graphics, animations, interactions et al. Introduce the course and the speakers, and then you can just go ahead and create a meaningful course! After all, since you are not just hosting the webinar clips but are interested in making an effective learning module out of the information in the webinar, you needn't be stuck with only showing the clips - if at all you wish to have the speaker on all slides, keep a photo as an inset image. I've had the opportunity to create eLearning modules out of webinars earlier, and I'd love to help out with ideas if I can! Drop me a mail and we could discuss in more detail:

Rachel Barnum

Hi Lila -

We are currently converting instructor-led training to eLearning. The advice I gave one of the instructional designers was to take a step back and pretend that the instructor-led training is just a SME content dump - ignore the activities (unless they actually inspire you for e-learning), ignore the order, etc. Just pretend that it's newly handed content from SMEs that you're working from.

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