Any way to pull scores in LMS from a previous module to current?

Hi all - please let me know if you've ever run into a solution to this. Here's what I'd like to do:

  • User completes a module (Single SCO) within LMS
  • User opens another module, and a JavaScript trigger "grabs" the score from the previous module to display within this module

I know how to use JavaScript to get certain objects from an LMS, like first/last name - based on the structure in SCORM 1.2 there should be a way to pull scores from modules outside the current package. Does anyone have any idea how to approach this?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Bob S

Hi Michael,

Not sure if what you are asking is possible, but two thoughts...

  1. If you don't need this done dynamically, have you thought about possibly leveraging the reporting functions of your LMS and pulling in the data from an outboard file into courses.
  2. Another work-around might be found in creating multiple versions of the follow-on course and have your LMS enroll them dynamically based on mastery_score. Maybe have a couple of score-band versions. Eg "Congratulations, since you scored above 80% on the previous course...."

Hope this helps.

Steve Flowers

There is a prototype case that the ADL Colab demonstrates that adds an xAPI wrapper to a SCORM package. The use case is for just this type of instance. Since SCORM is completely sandboxed, there isn't a way to communicate stats from one module to the other. If you have an LRS, this could be helpful.

If you don't have an LRS, you're going to need to get creative unless your LMS has a banging built-in API for pulling out status. Not many do:) I've done similar things in the past by setting up some Javascript to "scrape" text elements from a page. How this is done is based entirely on the way your LMS displays info to the user.

  • SCORM package launches. 
  • Since the user is authenticated into a system, they likely have access to a page that displays transcripts / scores. Load this page into an invisible element. I use Jquery to crawl this page, looking for the element title I need associated info from. Then I go to the score element, relative to the title element by whatever construction they use to build the page, grab that element and pull it into the presentation.

Sounds complicated. It can be. Once you have the pattern figured out and get the script working, the work is reusable. Unfortunately, this isn't one bit portable. So your neat jury-rig won't work when the content is moved to a new system.