Anyone tried Speechelo?

Aug 14, 2020

I'm looking at the (very confident) website for and listening to some of the demo text-to-speech on there...

I wonder if anyone has had any experience with it and whether it's as good as they say it is?

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Tom Kuhlmann

Yes, I tried it. They basically give you the same voices (sounds like Amazon Polly). And then everything is an upsell to premium offerings. 

The promise of their videos is nowhere close to the reality of what it produces, at least not without adding stacks up premium upgrades. I suspect the good voices are mostly the neural voices.

You'd be better off getting an Amazon account and creating the Polly neural voices.

This is a post I did on using Polly back in 2017 before they had neural voices, but the process is the same and it's all relatively inexpensive.

Russ Sawchuk

Hi John,

Yes, I agree with Tom. I gave Speechelo a close look, and watched the reviews on Youtube. I have been using speech-to-text fairly frequently in the past few elearning projects. I have another similar account with upsells, etc. However, I tend mostly use Amazon Polly. It is fairly basic but works well, and for me is very affordable.


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