Anyone with experience with Articulate 360 and Schoology?

Nov 15, 2023

Has anyone had success using Schoology as an LMS with Articulate 360?

I am brand new to using an LMS and before I invest a lot of time in trying to set it up with Schoology (my client's LMS), I would love to know if people get it to work well so that it's worth the effort. What problems have you had? What works well? What do I need to know?

Thank you!


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Kami Madsen

Hi Robin, 

My only experience with Schoology is via my middle school aged kiddo. His teachers assign him various lessons via Schoology. I have seen lots of Google Docs being used and assignments to various videos. I am not sure about the videos - they did have visible stopping points on the seek bar with questions (graded) to be answered before they could continue. Nothing has jumped out at me that was created by an Articulate 360 product.

With your question, I'll pay better attention when I'm assisting with homework and see if I notice any to share back.