Articulate Conference May 12 - who we are & why we'll be in Leeds

Hi, folks

In parallel to this super funky thread started by Sam, I thought I'd start one for the conference participants to get to know each other better before we all meet up in Leeds on the 24th of May. I'm also going to post anonymised questions for everyone to think about, as well as updates on the conference. So far what we know is that we're full and that we'wishing a very safe and fun journey to Tom, Don, and everyone else travelling to sunny England, or more specifically to London in the first instance and/or Leeds afterwards :)

I am also going to start the list of introductions in my next post on this thread (if folks don't mind introducing themselves to others - it will definitely help get the day to a lively start; although there will be Danish pastries, too, I am assured ).

Until then, this is what folks would like from the day so far:

  1. Download Tom's brain (Matrix style or otherwise, I guess - the person asking hasn't expressed a preference)
  2. Win a Storyline license :) (I'll surely be using a hat-drawing application again :))
  3. As enthusiasts starting out, quite a few people are looking for practical tips they can put into practice
  4. Be inspired through creative examples
  5. Find out the extent to which designers take account of learning theories such as attentional theory or learning styles when designing resources for impact
  6. Network / Talk about / See what is available in the Health sector in terms of e-learning development with Articulate or otherwise.
  7. Network / Talk about / See what is available in the Client Delivery Services sector in terms of e-learning development with Articulate or otherwise.
  8. Ideas on how to get started efficiently in an institution - licensing and costs, discounts.
  9. Get as many tips on addressing accessibility issues with both Articulate Studio and Storyline 
  10. See a lot of Articulate Studio 09 funkiness and be surprised by new ideas
  11. Get tips on how to use quizzes to assess learning
  12. Talk about plans for the Articulate Studio update - how will it be positioned now that Storyline is (almost) here? 
  13. Tips on designing for tablet use
  14. See how Storyline can be used to create effective resources without dazzling the user with the multitude of possibilities Storyline functionalities open up

The programme is almost there - I will update it with the presenters' details and topics (and may I just say a big thank you to the presenters for volunteering to share their work with us) and will circulate (fingers crossed nothing happens in the meantime.

Until then, let's introduce ourselves and make some friends before the Leeds Articulate extravaganza next month :)

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Kate Walls


My name is Kate Walls, I work at the RFL (Rugby Football League) in Leeds.  We are the Governing Body for Rugby League across England and Wales. I am the Workforce Development Officer, which means I am responsible for the training of the internal staff. Thankfully I can watch the Rugby matches without playing  

I am looking forward to attending the conference, although we have only just purchased an Articulate licence therefore my knowledge is very limited but I am very excited about looking at how we can progress with the software and the opportunities it will create. Therefore if I am quite quiet on Thursday, it will just mean that I am taking it all in :-)

Looking forward to meeting you all and gaining some valuable experience.


Chris Fletcher

Only 2 days to go! I have to say I'm really excited. I'm currently trying to convince the holders of the budget that Storyline is the way forward by using the trial version to create things we can't possibly do without!

It seems to be working well. The time savings on programming these things in flash alone is a massive bonus! Looking forward to learning more about that, and picking up some tips on Thursday!!

Unfortunately, my work wont let me share any of the content I have produced for our staff, so I've been unable to share anything with you. I really wanted the opportunity to too, because I think I've done some pretty cool stuff over the years!

Never mind though eh? Just collar me on Thursday at some point, and I'll tell you how brilliant I am!


Dragos Ciobanu

Many thanks to the Articulate snipers shooting the spam down  

Good to hear from you, Emma. I'm sure lots of us have been in the same situation at some stage (although, having said that, I haven't personally had to do that too many times as I've had the luck of groovy managers so far who have let me do whatever I wanted to once they were satisfied that the resource will meet their desired objectives). The rapid prototyping skills that I've picked up from the E-Learning Heroes advice, as well as the numerous authoring tools I come across every week through my Twitter e-learning community, have allowed me to show quick things to folks who may have pulled the "No time or resources, so we'll just go with that" card on me (many times justifiably, too). However, as David and Tom were saying in some of their blog posts, as well as Nancy Duarte, the Heath Brothers, and more, if I get through to the client's emotional intelligence before the analytical wheels start moving and if I get them to see the personal benefit in doing it my way, then I may be on to a winner (of course, it sounds nice in words and it doesn't always happen like this, but I am ever the optimist :)

I have only fun memories from playing rugby, Kate :) (ok, strike that, as I'm exaggerating :)) - it was character-building nonetheless and it was fun seeing my coaches trying to get me to cut my long hair for two years... :) I've built in quite a few long-ish breaks, and fingers crossed the weather allows us to go on the little patio just outside the venue, as I am told these are the best ways and places to take stuff in among new friends :)

I'm also really excited about the day, Chris, and I am keeping my fingers crossed your manager approves the Storyline purchase. I also hope they'll be ok with you attending Bruce's Storyline user group meeting on the 20th of October. On another topic, there will be a laptop pretty much on every table, so if you've got things to share with folks asking you for examples of your work, Ta-Da! :)

Simon Fitzpatrick


I'm Simon Fitzpatrick from sunny Rothbury in Northumberland..

I work part-time for Netskills at Newcastle University where I deliver the popular 'Introduction to Instructional Design for E-learning' course (1st online version June 20th btw!), amongst various other e-learning courses and CPD opportunities..

The other half of my time I work as a freelance ID - mainly for the NHS and the health sector - using a variety of tools, inc Articulate. Looking forward to seeing Storyline in action!

I've been in e-learning for around 25 years and have seen various trends come and go - my take on it all remains pretty much the same as when I started teaching - (paraphrasing Robert Fripp here.....) use it to make something happen, but not as end in itself. 

Looking forward to Thursday,

best rgds


Rita Chaudhari

Hello everyone

Just a quick intro to myself, i work for the OU in Milton Keynes, where it is gloriously sunny today. I've been using Articulate on and off over the last year, though not as often as i'd like. I'm looking forward to tomorrow to pick up some tips and tricks and get a glimpse of Storyline in action. I've been in IT learning and development for about 9 years now and have been moving into e-learning over the last 12 months.

See you all tomorrow.


Adele Preston

Hi Everyone!

I’m Adele Preston and along with my two colleagues, Jan and Tracy, am really looking forward to tomorrow’s event.  Just from the conversations on this thread, we’re expecting a lot of fun alongside a lot of learning and networking.  Am serioulsy intrigued about the outfits some of you will be wearing J!

We work for an international Pharma, AstraZeneca, based in Cheshire, although I actually live near Wetherby so am looking forward to a really short commute tomorrow!  (Yes Sam, we’ve checked out some of your eLearning!)  I manage a global training team of five, four of whom are trainers (including Tracy and Jan) all with around twelve 12 months experience of eLearning development.  We’re all keen to learn more and build up our knowledge and portfolios.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Adele, Jan & Tracy

Phil Mayor

Bruce Graham said:

Am I charging you royalties, and does it involve me running out of time (again) on my presentation?

My ambition for Year 3 is to get to the end of one AND have time for questions! 


PS - perhaps best plan is for me to do my presentation in hotel the night before...!

That would be good Bruce, I had so many questions

Personally I think your startegy was to fill the slot so you couldnt have questions