Articulate for your MAC

Jun 22, 2011

I know this has always been a topic but thought maybe we could bring it up once again...Any chance of seeing this happen in the near future?

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Robert Kennedy

Not as easy since the Mac version of Powerpoint is built on a very different engine.  If you have ever seen Office for Mac, it is a TOTALLY different beast than Office for Windows.  The Windows Add-ins and plugins rely on VBA scripting I believe and this is not supported on Mac.  Hence the lack of plugins/add-ins available for the Mac version of Powerpoint.  Now, to go ahead and develop a TOTALLY standalone product for Mac would be great!  Adobe is on version 5.5 of Captivate and the are JUST getting into the Mac department with version 5.  I'm waiting for Articulate on Mac as much as you guys, but it is more convoluted than we realize, I fear.  WE'll be waiting for a bit.  Now STORYLINE, I'm hoping part of the surprise is that it is Mac compatible .

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