assessing/quizzing know-how

hello all, 

i have been tasked with building an assessment/quiz to test whether employees know-how to use various resources (e.g. do they know how to launch, login, search, and so on)

it seems to me the most obvious way to do this would be to have employees record and submit screen casts of themselves executing various tasks. is there a way to build that kind of assessment in storyline?

do any of you have other ideas about how to assess/quiz know-how?

is there a way to test whether someone knows how to ride a bike without having them show you?

thanks in advance. 

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Punam Parab

The situations you've mentioned (login, search) appear to be procedural in nature. In Storyline, perhaps, you could consider taking screenshots of the procedure, randomize the order, and ask the learners to arrange them in the correct order. Although, this method is no where close to verifying the learner's knowledge level with your own eyes, but it comes close to the screencast solution you've mentioned. Just my two cents :)