Assessment/Knowledge Check Inspriration Needed

Jan 07, 2014

I'm struggling with developer's block on an elearning course that I must develop. I sort of have a design direction and a completed live presentation to work from, but now I need ideas for assessments. Namely, out-of-the-box, engaging ideas to assess learning/comprehension.

I saw an assessment that Katherine Manis posted in this thread and it made me hungry for more inspiration. I really liked her clean design and concept idea.

I know Tom and David have written posts about assessments and customizing them, so I'll be sure to check those out, but would LOVE if anyone else would like to share even a just screenshot of assessments you've created.

Here's one I posted to the weekly challenge.

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Melanie Sobie

Hi Kimberly - What is the topic?  One time I created a scenario-based assessment.  Learners were presented with a realistic scenario, and then were asked to work their way through "cleaning up" the hazard situation (blood borne pathogens). I used a hotspot quiz in Articulate 09. Each quiz question was a step in the process they would go through in cleaning up the hazard. It was really out of the box from anything the learners here had ever done and they really enjoyed it.

Kimberly Valliere

Hi Melanie,

My specific topic is for the oil and gas industry, but I am really interested in seeing anything cool, regardless of the industry or course subject. Consider it my slight procrastination attempt because I'm also battling the content redesign for a different audience.

That sounds like a really great way to train on blood borne pathogens. I can tell you that for the training I've had to do in the past on that subject, NOTHING engaging like that was included.

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