Awesome Storyline HTML5 Examples?!

Hey Storyline gurus!

I'm looking for awesome HTML5 Storyline demos. What examples have you seen that work flawless on the iPad?

I looked on the Articulate demo site but didn't see a lot of HTML5 examples. So please share awesome examples!

HTML5 is the future and more and more clients want their courses to work flawless on the iPad. I have yet to see courses that work well in HTML5 and hope you can share.

Let's get this discussion going! Share, share, share... :-)

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Jennifer Valley

@Jackie Van Nice (Articulate Super Hero) ( has put out some great examples.  I'm not sure about how they act on an iPad because I've only ever viewed them on my computer.  It's definetly worth a look! 

Nancy Woinoski

You have to view on an iPad or Android device to get the html5 experience. If you are viewing from your desktop you will automatically get the Flash version.

There are tons of examples of Storyline presentations that work in html5.  Everything I create works in html5.

Nancy Woinoski

Yes, and no. As you know Storyline has a few different publish settings. They are "include html5 output" and "Use Articulate Mobile player for iOS or Android".

If you publish with both these options enabled then when you go to run the course on your iPad, or Android device Storyline will play the course in the Articulate mobile app if it is installed on the device. This version of the course is not the html5 version.  If you don't have the mobile app installed and/or you only published with the html5 option selected then Storyline will run the html5 version of the course on  the device. 

One thing to keep in mind is that Storyline is pretty good at taking what you created and converting it to html5 but there are differences in the way it displays content in the Flash (web), mobile and html5 versions.