Beginner Questions re tracking Articulate content in WordPress

Nov 01, 2017

Our company is currently looking for a web design firm to help us transition our customer user community (behind a login) site to WordPress (our public site is already on WP). I've been asked to give the training team's requirements of what features I'd like. We've never had an LMS, and any Articulate content we've created has had to just reside on a web server, and I link to it within a post.

Our customer training program is 100% live online learning using GoToTraining. We use Articulate to create small references, tutorials, etc to supplement our formal training program.

Ideally, I'd love to be able to track when people view content and respond to questions in the content. We use Articulate 360 to create content in Rise & Storyline.

I have found references to LearnDash and LearnDash toolkits through Uncanny Owl. I've heard of people using Google Analytics for page tracking but not for answers to quiz questions. I also saw a WP plug-in for Articulate courses that Brian Batt created, but I'm not sure if that's all I'd need or if that's what is used to upload the content to the WP server, and then I'd still need a LearnDash plug-in to track the content. None of it is really making any sense to me, and I haven't met anyone at a web firm who has implemented any of it, so they don't know either.

What is the simplist, easiest request we could ask a web firm or consultant to integrate into our new WP user community to allow me to upload Articulate content and track user interaction?

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Dave Goodman

Heather - try Justin at In addition to Mathew's reference to UncannyOwl, Justin has references to WP/LMS info, plugins to use, deployment issues, etc. You should be able to receive answers to all of your questions. We should touch base since we will be implementing a new LMS also within the next 2-3 weeks.

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