Best antivirus program to use with Articulate Studio 13

Mar 05, 2014

I have just had to re-image my computer after finding out the hard way that Kaspersky antivirus is incompatible with Studio 13.

I am in the process of reloading everything from scratch and would like to know what is the best anti-virus program to use ( or at least which ones to say away from. I don't want to have to experience this again anytime soon.

Thanks all for your feedback.


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Dave Neuweiler

Interesting topic -- and it's not just Articulate software that can be affected.

A month or two back, DropBox was effectively disabled by Avast! antivirus (the issue has since been remedied).

A few years back I had a problem where quizzes would not publish unless they were manually re-linked in the Presenter project each time. After much work with Articulate support, and a complete system rebuild, PC Tools' security suite/antivirus proved to be the culprit.

gina orozco

I really like Microsoft Security Essentials.  I've used it for a couple of years and haven't had any problems.  I bought my daughter a windows 8 computer and it was already pre-installed.  However, it was disabled because the factory also installed Norton on the computer.  Since I really like Microsoft, I just removed the Norton and re-enabled the Microsoft and its working just fine.  

Alexandros Anoyatis

This is one of those posts where everyone is going to give you their own answer because "they currently use this or that AV".

Generally, ANY well known antivirus package would do (even the free editions) - I would argue they are actually better than some professional editions in that they don't actually carry all the bloat (i.e. systems checker, identity theft checker, security check and..."whatever sounds cool and security conscious" checker) which can seriously slow down your system.

Hope this helps,

Bruce Graham

Jeff Kortenbosch said:

Alexandros Anoyatis

"whatever sounds cool and security conscious" checker) which can seriously slow down your system.

Good point Alex.

I'm an AGV free user and have never had any issues (or viruses).

As someone depends on my PC, 100%, for my livelihood I am quite happy with a little bit of "bloat". I do not use free Microsoft products as it seems that a large % of problems are caused by Microsoft vulnerabilities anyhow. Norton, (for me) does the job, but as mentioned the main timesaver for me is the fact that once created I do not have to remember any passwords apart from the one that opens my Norton Vault.

As someone who uses dozens of sites with passwords, this (for me) is the biggest timesaver and makes my life so damned easy.

Alexandros Anoyatis

@Bruce Well, in your case "One man's bloat is another man's lifesaver".

However, my interpretation of an AV product is 1) Being good at detecting viruses, and 2) Being damn good at detecting viruses.

It's not about holding passwords - my browsers can do that on their own anyway, I don't need a duplicate piece of software to do exactly the same thing whilst constantly running in the background.

I also don't need my AV product notifying me that i have 284 problems ("really? problems? not clearing cookies is classified as a problem? having last weeks cache present is a problem? seriously?") on my PC.... That's cyber-terror-mongering 101.

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