Best evaluation/assessment methods for system training

Jun 28, 2018

hi all,

My client is delivering a series of face to face training to teach the staff how to use a new billing system. To test their understanding, whats the best online evaluation/assessment methods? Please advise



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Nicole Legault

Hi John!

You may want to consider using Storyline's screen recording tool to create your systems training. 

I have delivered systems training myself in the past and I find that the simulations can be a great way for learners to become familiar or to be quizzed on a specific click-path inside an application. The screen recorder lets you record your process or task in the application, then Storyline automatically breaks the process down into one slide for each step, and it has captions that say "Click here" and it can be interactive. So the learner gets a simulated experienced of the system, and you can also track their results with your LMS if you have one. 

Here are some tutorials and articles on creating software sims: 

Another option is to set up an activity that they have to do within the system, and then a reviewer or teacher goes in and verifies how it was done. When I did some systems training on how to use a new SalesForce system, one of the activities learners had to do was record themselves walking through a specific process or task in the system, explaining along the way how and why they were doing things a certain way, and then the trainer (me) reviewed each video and provided personalized feedback on where they went wrong, what they did right, etc. It was also easy to spot this way who "got it" and who didnt. 

These are just a few ideas! Hope they are helpful to you :)

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