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...It might just me and designer's block...but, I am putting together an awareness package for managers regarding e-Learning (yes, another presentation).  I was thinking of using an interactive infographic, however, Im having second thoughts, somehow, Im not convinced the format of an infographic is the right format for the managers.

Hence my question:  What format/design/layout should I consider for this project and do you have any other best practices of this type.

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Nicole Legault

Hi Jeanette, 

I think the type of format you choose for this project should depend on the specific type of audience you're creating for. Have you conducted an audience analysis for your project? I know you mentioned they are managers, but this could still leave a lot of room for different types of managers... 

It helps if you know your audience personally, but even if you don't, you probably have an idea of the type of people they are by identifying the company or department culture.

Are they the serious and stuffy type? Are they laid-back, relaxed, and big kidders? What do you think their expectations are from this course? How would they react to something different, unique or creative? Would they appreciate something a bit more whimsical and fun (like an infographic-style course) or would they think that's not as professional as something a bit more Powerpoint-y ... which might be more what they are used to, and what they expect. 

Because they're managers, they are focused on business impact and the bottom line, so I'd try to focus on highlighting those. Personally, I always try to create scenario based e-learning because I find those are the most effective at showing the real impact and consequences of certain actions. When and what are the scenarios that these managers will encounter when they need to be aware of e-learning, and what will be the positive or negative consequences if they don't?

Those are just a few of my thoughts.... hope this helps! Looking forward to see other community responses